GoMeasure3D is the Official Distributor of 3DMakerpro Consumer 3D Scanners in the USA

GoMeasure3D is the Official Distributor of 3DMakerpro Consumer 3D Scanners in the USA

Today, we’re happy to announce that we are the official distributor of 3DMakerpro 3D scanners in the USA!

At GoMeasure3D, we're always on the lookout for the right solutions and equipment to help you bring your ideas to life. We’ve been busy researching and testing to find the best consumer-grade 3D scanner to add to our Shop. After a long search, we discovered the 3DMakerpro 3D scanners offer tremendous value, capable of generating high-quality 3D models within the sub $1,000 price range. Some models, such as the Seal and the Mole, are even closer to the $500 price tag! If you are looking for an affordable 3D scanner, we highly recommend exploring 3DMakerpro’s product range. They have great 3D scanning systems for makers, educators, and hobbyists.

Scanning parrot figurine with Seal 3d scanner
A small parrot statue was scanned using 3DMakerpro’s Seal 3D scanner.
Monochrome 3D model of the parrot.
Color 3D model of the parrot.

3DMakerpro offers many different models for your scanning needs. Here is a chart that summarizes which 3D scanner is right for you.

3DMakerPro Seal 3d scanner 3DMakerPro Mole 3d scanner 3DMakerPro Lynx 3d scanner 3DMakerPro Magic Swift Plus 3d scanner
Consumer 3D Scanner Seal 3D Scanner Mole 3D Scanner Lynx 3D Scanner Magic Swift Plus 3D Scanner
Object Size Scans small object Scans medium objects Scans large objects Scans large objects / outdoor scanning
Typical Object Sizes 10-300mm 15-1500mm 100-2000mm 100-2000mm
Color Option available? Yes - Seal Model (not Seal Lite) Yes - Color Kit required Yes - Color Kit required Yes - Color Kit required
File Output Format OBJ/STL/PLY/ASC

Compact and Portable

3DMakerpro 3D scanners have a small factor that easily fits in palm of your hands to function as a handheld 3D scanner. It can be converted into a desktop 3D scanner with a tripod, making these 3D scanners versatile for use. All of their 3D scanners use visual tracking technology and require no markers for scanning.

Functions as a handheld 3D scanner
Transformed into a desktop 3D scanner

Wide Range of Optional Accessories

The 3DMakerpro 3D scanners also offer a wide range of accessories to customize your 3D scanning experience.

Automated 3d scanning turntable
Add an optional multi-axis turntable for automated 3D scanning for the Seal 3D scanner. It can scan items at 720 degrees, making it easy to capture accurate 3D model data.
Mole 3d scanner on tripod
You can even use your smartphone as a monitor. It makes the 3D scanner extremely portable for 3D scanning on the go, whether you are in your studio or out in the field. The Mole 3D scanner with the Connect is shown here. It can work on Android or Apple smartphones. For the Seal 3D scanner, you can use the Smart Grip.
Quick video tutorial on how the Connect works

3D Scanning Software

3DMakerpro 3D scanners include its proprietary 3D scanning software, JMStudio, which runs the system. It works on Windows and Mac OS.

JMStudio software for 3DMakerPro
Computer Requirements
Compatible Operating Systems Windows 10/11 64bit, MacOS 12/13
Minimum Computer Requirements Intel Core i5 8th, 16GB RAM, MX250 GPU with 2GB VRAM
Recommended Computer Requirements Intel Core i7 8th, 16GB RAM, NVDIA1060 GPU with 4GB VRAM

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to use JMStudio for beginners. It also offers some great tips on how to get great scan results when using the 3DMakerpro 3D scanner.

3D Printing Applications

If you are looking for a consumer 3D scanner to pair with your 3D printer, all 3DMakerpro systems are great for this application. Here is an example of using the Seal 3D scanner for 3D printing applications.

Third-Party Reviews with Use Cases

What's New In Rhino 8?

If you're new to 3D scanning, mastering the 3DMakerpro 3D scanner might require a bit of a learning curve initially—just like any other scanner—but all of their systems are user-friendly. With dedication and practice, you'll soon be creating fantastic results with this affordable 3D scanner!


Here are two reviews from 3D Printing Industry that put the 3DMakerpro’s Mole and Seal to the test if you are interested in seeing the results.

3D Printing Industry

If you are looking for an affordable 3D scanner priced under $1,000, 3DMakerpro is a great option for trying out 3D scanning without making a significant investment to determine if it’s the right technology for you.

Buy 3DMakerpro 3D Scanners

The 3DMakerpro 3D scanners are now available in our Shop.

3DMakerPro products

We're currently seeking resellers to join our network. If you're interested in adding 3DMakerpro 3D scanners to your product line, please get in touch with us.

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