Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System
Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System
Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System
Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System
Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System
Load image into Gallery viewer, Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System
Load image into Gallery viewer, Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System
Load image into Gallery viewer, Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System
Load image into Gallery viewer, Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System
Load image into Gallery viewer, Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System

Flexijet 3D CAD Laser Measuring System

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Flexijet - Precise CAD Measurement, Designed for Maximum Efficiency

Create 3D or 2D digital measurements of building interiors, staircases, countertops, windows, railings, rooms, or any feature that requires accurate measurement—without the complexity.

How It Works

At its core, Flexijet 3D is based on a laser distance meter which in combination with the rotary/swivel unit detects exact coordinates and transfers this data into one of two of the system’s 3D measuring software FlexiCAD or FlexijetSTONE.

The 7" touch display allows the selection of CAD commands and software functions directly from the measuring device without having to access these on the nearby laptop or tablet. The measuring system is quick and simple to set up and is ready to use within several minutes.

The Flexijet measuring hardware independently provides a WLAN with the integrated WiFi to establish a direct connection with the FlexiCAD measurement software. Levelling of the tripod is unnecessary as the software will auto level the device. The integrated shock sensor warns you of any accidental movement of the device thus ensuring the integrity of your measurement data. An essential feature of Flexijet 3D is that it can be operated either manually or remotely with the supplied remote control or via the Flexijet SmartRemote App which is available for iOS and Android devices as a free download.


  1. Touch sensor to trigger the measurement
  2. 7" touch display for easy viewing
  3. Camera activation and zoom
  4. Vertical rotating unit with laser distance meter and 5-megapixel camera for optical target selection and image documentation
  5. Stable Wi-Fi connection for data transmission between measurement instrument and PC
  6. Measuring in all dimensions without any blind spot. Can be swivelled in 360 degrees in both axes.
  7. Carbon fiber tripod. Easy to carry, safe to stand.


  • Flexijet can measure in 3D & 2D with a precision of 0.9mm.
  • Only 1 person is needed for site measure.
  • Easy to carry in a specially designed protective case.
  • Instant auto leveling. No need to manually adjust the tripod.
  • Capture site photos and voice recordings within Flexijet software for comprehensive documenting of site measurements.
  • Physical templates are now obsolete! Scribe and template simple or complex shapes with Flexijet 3D.
  • Measure in 3D with ease. Alternatively, measure in 2D and see the results in 3D with a single click.
  • Elimination of wrong or omitted dimensions and transmission errors.
  • Long-range and easy relocation via survey reference points.
  • Easy export of the measured CAD files. Compatible with all CNC equipment and most production & design software.
  • Effortlessly measure complex angles and shapes without the need for calculations.
  • Visually verify measurements while on site with auto dimension and point projection.
  • Instant area and space calculations.
  • Total flexibility with 360° vertical and horizontal measurements including straight up and down.

Sample Applications

Kitchen measurements are automatically measured.

Building dimensions of a residential building

Measurements for interior design - Guest room

Staircase measurement for metal construction

Measurement of a skylight dome

Measurement of the arches on a retail space

What's Included with FlexiJet?

1) Flexijet 3D laser measurement device (Hardware)

  • Integrated 5-megapixel camera
  • auto-leveling
  • Direct WIFI connection
  • 1/32" total Accuracy at 30ft (Better than 0.9mm at 10m)

2) Software

  • FlexiCAD software: If you've already used AutoCAD or other CAD software, you'll quickly find your way around the user interface. FlexiCAD has numerous CAD functions specifically developed for the Flexijet, allowing you to measure quickly and precisely. You can use drawing elements such as points, lines, polylines, curves, and joins. Many other functions are also integrated, such as the measurement of windows, doors, slopes or slanted ceilings, staircases and area calculations. You can insert images, text, instructions, and measurements to document your projects, all of which can be displayed within the generated drawing. The final drawing can be exported to different file formats such as DWG and DXF.
  • FlexiSTONE software: FlexijetSTONE is specially designed for the stone industry. It enables simple and precise measurement of countertops and other surfaces. The instant automatic leveling feature and easy command selection allow you to start measuring immediately. FlexijetSTONE software makes it easy to take 2D measurements and display the results of multiple surface measurements in 3D format, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. Creating CNC-ready files with details such as overhangs, sinks, cutouts for electrical outlets and other custom requirements becomes easy and intuitive.

3) Flexijet Carbon-Fiber Tripod

  • Lightweight, durable, and stable for long-term performance

4) Carrying case

  • Durable Plaston case with form-fitting foam insert
  • Fabric Laptop pouch for storage and transport
  • Padded shoulder strap

5) Accessories

  • Secondary tripod with metal desk plate
  • Xbox controller & (2) AA Batteries
  • (6) Aluminum T-targets
  • Laser-enhancing red glasses
  • Repositioning Stickers
  • Spare/secondary USB Wifi Adapter
  • USB Drive with Flexijet Software and documentation
  • Power Adapter

    FlexiCAD Software Features

    • CAD Interface: Intuitive CAD interface with many commands. Guidance through wizards.
    • Touch Mode: Easy switching to 'Touch Mode' for easy operation on tablet devices running the Windows operating system.
    • Software Wizards: Software wizards to guide you.
    • Drawing elements: Including lines, curves, circles, points, splines, rectangles, images, texts, etc.
    • Comprehensive data: Each measurement point is accompanied by an automatically captured photograph with a built-in digital camera.
    • Polar tracking, snap, and grid functions: Dimensioning with freely definable dimensioning styles.
    • Layer based floor and space management for a comprehensive overview of the CAD model.
    • Import and export to common file formats: DWG, DXF, JPG, XML. Easy creation of symbol libraries with user-customized symbols for electrical, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
    • Staircase: User interfaces for staircase software Compass, Staircon, ScalaTreppen, TrepCAD. Importing AutoCAD blocks. Optimal user interface for CNC machining.
    • Windows Ready: Made for the Windows operating system.
    • Available in English and German user interface.

    Warranty and Optional Service Plan

    • 1st-year Optional Service Plan included with purchase
    • Up to 5-year extended warranty available


    1) Remote Orientation and Basic Training

    • Connect in real-time with our remote training professionals to get familiar with yourFlexijet 3D
    • Receive feedback and support on measurements

    2) Advanced On-site Training

    • Our industry professionals will come to you for on-site, in-person training.
    • Measure actual jobs, learn advanced measuring techniques, and refine your Flexijet skills.
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