Rhino 3D CAD Modeling Software

The wait is finally over! Rhino 6 for Windows is here. It’s the first major release in 5 years packed with new features and improvements. There is still some wait time before Rhino 6 is released for Mac, so the latest version currently for Mac is Rhino 5.

Rhinoceros is a CAD modeling software package that enables you to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing. Rhino is a free-form NURBS surface modeler and is especially great for handling organic modeling. With Rhino, you can create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids in Windows or Mac environments. There are no limitations on complexity, degree, or size of the model you design.

GoMeasure3D is an authorized distributor of Rhino products in USA and Canada. Software products are shipped electronically.  

For more information, please visit Rhino Software.