Now Available on GoMeasure3D Shop: AESUB Dots 3D Scanning Markers

Now Available on GoMeasure3D Shop: AESUB Dots 3D Scanning Markers

Did you know that AESUB offers much more than just sprays for 3D scanning?

With the success of its 3D scanning sprays, AESUB launched a new line of 3D scanning markers called AESUB dots. These are circular markers you place on objects to make 3D scanning easier and faster in addition to getting better scan results.

There are two types dots available for purchase:

  • AESUB Dots Black and White: For use with structured-light 3D scanners
  • AESUB Dots Retro Reflective: For use with laser 3D scanners

AESUB dots are available in all usual diameters and work well with all common structured light or laser 3D scanning systems.

Why Use AESUB Dots Reference Markers for 3D Scanning?

You might be wondering why you need AESUB dots. There are some limitations when it comes to the 3D scanning process. Using markers improve the accuracy and repeatability of the scan results.

Using these reference dots enhance the effectiveness of the 3D scanner in tracking and aligning 3D scans. 3D scanning markers provide additional reference points for the 3D scanner to track the movement and position of objects during the scanning process. By placing markers directly on the object or around the area where the object is placed, they help the 3D scanner to precisely align and register multiple scans, ensuring accurate and seamless stitching of the scanned data into a complete digital 3D model.

Reference dots
Reference dots don't necessary need to be directly on the scan object. If the object you are scanning is small, you can also position AESUB dots around it.

3D scanning markers are especially helpful when objects lack geometric feature (featureless or symmetrical, as in the case of a cylindrical object).

AESUB Dots also works well with AESUB vanishing sprays. The sprays help with scanning reflective, transparent, or dark surfaces while the dots help improve scan accuracy and repeatability. Both are there to help you get the best quality 3D scans out of your 3D scanner. The dots can be removed once scanning is complete.

aesub dots with aesub 3d vanishing spray
AESUB Dots are self-adhesive and adhere to and work well with AESUB 3D scanning sprays.

AESUB Retro Reflective Easy Removable Markers

There are two types of AESUB Dots Retro Reflective markers: Permanent and Easy Removable. Both are ideal for the use with laser 3D scanners. They are made with high-quality retro reflective material, providing reflectivity and visibility from all angles.

What is difference between the AESUB Retro Reflective Permanent and Easy Removable Reference Markers?

The easy removable markers use a special glue to make repositioning and removing much smoother. The adhesive on these targets is also designed to be strong yet easily removable, making it convenient for users to use them on various surfaces without leaving residue. However, sometimes you need the “permanent” markers with strong glue due to the surface (eg. when there is greasy/oily surface or the part needs to be rescanned after various machining/processing steps). Depending on your use case, object surface, and application, you can choose the right 3D scanning markers that fits your needs.

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Got Questions?

✋ Got Questions?

If you have further questions on AESUB dots, please feel free to get in touch with us! Contact us by calling us at (434) 946-9125, emailing us at sales@gomeasure3d.com, or fill out our contact form below.

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