Apr 4, 2024

GoMeasure3D is the Official Distributor of 3DMakerpro Consumer 3D Scanners in the USA

We’ve been busy researching and testing to find the best consumer-grade 3D scanner to add to our Shop. After a long search, we discovered the 3DMakerPro 3D scanners offer tremendous value within the sub $1,000 price range.

Dec 4, 2023

What's New In Rhino 8? A Look At New Features and Improvements

Whether you're considering Rhino for CAD modeling or already a user, we've got exciting news for you. McNeel has officially released Rhino 8. After three years since the last version (Rhino 7 for Mac and Windows was launched in November 2020), we're thrilled to explore the new features and improvements in Rhino 8.

Jun 6, 2023

Now Available on GoMeasure3D Shop: AESUB Dots 3D Scanning Markers

Did you know that AESUB offers much more than just sprays for 3D scanning? With the success of its 3D scanning sprays, AESUB launched a new line of 3D scanning markers called AESUB dots. AESUB Dots are self-adhesive and adhere to and work well with AESUB 3D scanning sprays.

Mar 3, 2023

Now Available In Our Shop: AESUB Yellow and AESUB Transparent 3D Scanning Spray

AESUB is always at the forefront of developing innovative 3D scanning accessories like its line of vanishing 3D scanning sprays. We’re happy to announce there are two new products available for sale in our Shop: AESUB Yellow and AESUB Transparent.

Feb 7, 2023

New Version of iRhino: Free Rhino File Viewer for iPad and iPhone

If you have Rhino 3D CAD modeling software, we have great news! McNeel recently launched a new version of iRhino. It is the official Rhino 3dm viewer for iOS that works with Apple iPad and iPhone. So, what's new with the latest version of iRhino? Let's take a look.

Nov 16, 2022

New Software Release: Mesh2Surface 2023 For SOLIDWORKS and QuickSurface 2023

Two of our favorite affordable Scan to CAD software, Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS and QuickSurface, have just released new versions for 2023. We’re excited to show you the new features and updates! You can also request for a 15 day free trial to try them out.

Dec 1, 2021

GoMeasure3D Becomes The First Master Reseller of Veesus Point Cloud Software In The USA

We're proud to announce that we're the official reseller of its point cloud solutions in the USA 🇺🇸 and becomes the first master reseller in the region.

Aug 16, 2021

It's Official! GoMeasure3D Is Now a US Reseller of Maverick Studio

Today, we're excited to announce that we are a proud reseller of Maverick here in the United States!

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