Geomagic Design X (Professional License - Yearly Subscription)

Geomagic Design X (Professional License - Yearly Subscription)

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Geomagic Design X Reverse Engineering Software (Commercial License - Yearly Subscription)

Geomagic Design X is the industry's leading Reverse Engineering software. Create accurate CAD models from 3D scan data, faster, and more reliably than anything else on the market.

Geomagic Design X makes it easy to extract values, features, and surfaces from existing products by creating CAD models from 3D scans faster, more accurately, and more reliably than any other reverse-engineering method.

  • 3-10x faster time to CAD
  • 15% increased total end-part accuracy

* Please Note: This listing is for the Commercial License for Geomagic Design X (Yearly Subscription).

If you require a different version of Geomagic Design X including a one-time purchase licensing option, please visit here.

If you already have Geomagic Design X and want to upgrade to the latest version of the reverse engineering software, please contact us.

The price listed includes the cost of the dongle where applicable. 

* GoMeasure3D is an authorized reseller of Geomagic products in the USA 🇺🇸. Please purchase this software only if you reside in this geographical region.

* If you have any questions about Geomagic Design X before purchasing, please reach out to us at (434) 946-9125 or email us at sales@gomeasure3d.com.

Why Choose Geomagic Design X?

It's the ultimate Scan-to-CAD solution. Build accurate, digital parametric CAD from just about anything. Instead of designing from scratch, use 3D meshes of real-world objects as a starting point for your new design. With Geomagic Design X, you can create feature-based, editable solid models with a history tree compatible with your existing CAD software.

  • Flexible: Integrate with most scanners on the market, and capture data directly inside of Design X.
  • Fast: 3-10x faster path to CAD than traditional tools.
  • Simple: Scan processing and familiar CAD workflows in one place.

What Can You Do With Geomagic Design X?

Scan virtually anything and create manufacturing-ready designs with Geomagic Design X reverse engineering software:

  • Rebuild CAD data for legacy parts and tooling
  • Design new custom products that fit in, on, or around existing ones
  • Document changes made post-prototype or manufacture
  • Recreate non-existent or lost CAD data for parts and molds
  • Convert physical parts into CAD for new product designs


  • Aerospace: Recreate blades and blisks with dedicated blade geometry tools.
  • Automotive: Collect assembly data to build replacement components.
  • Healthcare: Capture patient data to model directly from anatomy.
  • Architecture: Capture intricate architectural details for restoration.
  • Forensics: Collect information for root cause analysis in various scenarios, e.g. car crashes, footprints.
  • Civil: Scan entire rooms or buildings for accurate visualization and documentation.

Feature Highlights

Seamless Data Transfer with LiveTransfer

Transfer your data seamlessly with multiple 3D file export options and LiveTransfer of parametric 3D models to your favorite CAD package.

Direct Scanner Control

Capture data directly inside Geomagic Design X, or work with scan data from any scanner.

Mesh and Point Cloud Processing

Straightforward, expert handling and refinement of huge mesh and point cloud data sets.

Modeling Wizards

Automated and guided tools to extract geometric features directly from mesh.


Auto and selective surfacing tools for fitting accurate surfaces to your mesh.

Real-Time Analysis

Use Accuracy Analyzer - our real-time, patented analysis tool - to directly compare your 3D model to the scan data.

Licensing Options

  • Online Activation License: Node lock license on a single computer. You can activate or deactivate licenses to move from machine to machine. Internet access is required for this license type. This is the default license type for Geomagic products.
  • USB Dongle: One license on the network used on any computer at one time. A physical license key that can license the software. To use this licensing option, insert your USB dongle into an available USB port on your machine then launch the application.
  • Network License (Floating): One license on the network used on any computer at one time. This is an enterprise solution for users wishing to control the distribution of their purchased licenses across a network.


Large-Scale 3D Data Processing

If you are curious about how large-scale 3D scanning and processing can transform the way you work, here's a webinar for you. Our team captured 1.2 billion data points easily using the Artec Ray II Lidar 3D scanner. A powerful hardware needs an equivalent software that can handle the massive data sets and ensure smooth processing. We're able to accomplish that with Geomagic Design X + Control X. Check out our webinar preview and watch the full episode to see how this powerful solution can work for you.

Watch the full webinar →

More Information

For more information, please visit our main GoMeasure3D website.

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