Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade
Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade
Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade
Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade
Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade
Load image into Gallery viewer, Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade
Load image into Gallery viewer, Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade
Load image into Gallery viewer, Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade
Load image into Gallery viewer, Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade
Load image into Gallery viewer, Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade

Artec Studio 18 Retroactive Upgrade

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Artec Studio 18 Lifetime (One-Time Payment) - The Power Is In The Software

Transform your Artec 3D scanner with industry-acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning and data processing. Easy 3D scanning. High-precision results.

This version of Artec Studio is a one-time payment for lifetime Artec Studio 18 only access.

  • Includes any updates to Artec Studio 18
  • Excludes updates to subsequent versions

If you are looking for other licensing options, please visit here.

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Lifetime to Lifetime Upgrades

  • Proactive upgrade is available to the users making their first purchase of Artec Studio (“AS”) lifetime and to the users who only have the
    version of AS that is directly preceding the current one (in case with AS 18, it means AS 17, not earlier versions). The number of upgrade years
    is unlimited if bought proactively.
  • When someone buys AS lifetime with 3 proactive upgrades in one go, the 4th upgrade is complimentary.
  • Retroactive upgrade is available to users with older versions of AS (in case with AS 18, it means AS 16 and below).
  • Education upgrades can be made at any time, regardless of the AS version on the customer’s account.
  • All upgrades are made to the latest version of AS only.
  • Every upgrade means a replacement of the old AS version with a new one.
  • Every retroactive upgrade also means a cancellation/removal of all the licenses that are more than 2 years old regardless of the quantity a customer wishes to upgrade.

Lifetime to Subscription

Switching from Lifetime to Subscription is possible at any time and from any version of Artec Studio. There are 2 options available, the customer can choose only one of them:

  • Option 1: 50% discount on the 1st year of subscription in return for a lifetime license.
  • Option 2: 1 year of subscription at the full price + 1 year free (we can offer up to 3 complimentary years in return for a lifetime license.)

Subscription to Lifetime

Switching from Subscription to Lifetime is possible at any time, but not after the subscription has already expired. We will deduct the cost of the annual subscription from our standard cost of a lifetime license.

* Price listed is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
* Please feel free to contact us to see if you qualify for special discounts or promotions.

Software Compatibility

Artec Studio 3D scanning software is compatible with all Artec 3D scanners including:

What's New With Artec Studio 18?

The latest version of Artec Studio 18 empowers you to do 3D scanning better and faster than ever before. The 3D scanning software does all the hard work. It makes it look effortless when it comes to capturing high-quality 3D models. Unlock the latest 3D data scanning and processing tools for reverse engineering, quality inspection, computer graphics, and more–all in one place.


  • Faster, easier 3D scanning with best-in-class results: Featuring a faster HD Mode and multi-resolution scanning, the new Artec Studio allows data from different types of devices to be combined into uniquely feature-rich 3D models. 
  • Stunning color capture for creating realistic models: Artec Studio 18 draws on AI to further elevate the industry-leading color capture capabilities of Artec 3D scanners, and boost their ability to pick up vibrant textures in high resolution.
  • A streamlined quality inspection workflow: Artec Studio’s new deviation, tolerance, and thickness analysis algorithms help accelerate your quality inspection workflow and cross-examine your 3D scanning efforts.
  • Advanced tools for all your reverse engineering needs: Artec Studio now features all the tools you’ll need to quickly make essential reverse engineering edits, including design fault corrections and product performance improvements.
  • Certified for heavy-duty deployment: Artec Studio has now gained PtB certification, so you can engage in industrial 3D scanning, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a tool well-qualified for the job.
  • Explore a new-look Artec Studio UI: Artec Studio 18 is filled with improvements suggested by you, our users, which streamline the process of turning 3D scan data into fully realized models.

That’s why it’s easy to use an Artec 3D scanner.

Scan Samples

Why Buy an Artec 3D Scanner?

Artec continues to be at the forefront of 3D scanning development with new innovations coming out every year that pushes the technology to new heights. With an impressive list of new items rolled out every year, here are the top reasons why you should invest in an Artec 3D scanner.

More Information

For more information, please visit our product page.

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