GoMeasure3D Becomes The First Master Reseller of Veesus Point Cloud Software In The USA

GoMeasure3D Becomes The First Master Reseller of Veesus Point Cloud Software In The USA

Veesus is one of Europe's leading providers of point cloud visualization software. Today we're proud to announce that we're the official reseller of its point cloud solutions in the USA 🇺🇸 and becomes the first master reseller in the region.

We're the official US reseller of Veesus Arena4D, Point Clouds for SOLIDWORKS, and Point Clouds for Rhino.

By carrying Veesus solutions here in the United States, we want to make these best-in-class point cloud software more accessible to engineers, surveyors, site managers, or end users who work with massive point cloud data. You can get precise measurements, recreate scenes, and even do reverse engineering with point cloud data natively inside Rhino or SOLIDWORKS.

The Perfect Pairing: With a LiDAR 3D scanner such as the Artec Ray and Veesus point cloud software, now it's easy to visualize complex constructions (such as warehouses, factories, airports, scenes, archaeological sites, and apartment buildings) and post-process enormous point cloud data with ease!

Why Should You Choose Veesus As Your Point Cloud Visualization and Processing Software?

Reason #1: Veesus software makes it easy to view, edit, and animate point cloud of any size (even massive data!), without the need for expensive computer equipment.

Anyone who has worked with massive point cloud data before can tell you that it's really difficult to quickly edit, visualize, and use it due to its enormous file size.

At the heart of Veesus’ software is the XStreamEngine. This engine powers all Veesus software to display and edit massive point clouds on standard PC hardware, making it easier and cheaper for anyone to work with point cloud data. Work in real-time with the ability to load unlimited point cloud data sets without constraint or compromise.

Veesus Point Cloud software is ideal for high-speed displaying and editing of massive point cloud data sets. With Veesus Arena4D, you can also generate ultra-HD-quality movies of your point clouds at the touch of a button, including 360 panoramic videos.

Reason #2: Veesus has a wide range of point cloud software that empowers you to work where you are most comfortable. They even have plug-ins for Rhino and SOLIDWORKS!

Its flagship software, Veesus Arena4D, is popular for use in a variety of industries and applications, from architects and construction to defence and policing. 

Veesus also developed point cloud plug-ins you can use directly inside Rhino or SOLIDWORKS. Work with point cloud of any size directly inside your favorite CAD modeling software.

At GoMeasure3D, we carry the following Veesus software:
  • Arena4D: Standalone software with point cloud editing tool and GIS platform, which enables users to view, edit and animate point cloud data, and combine it with a range of other spatial data as part of a project.
  • Point Clouds for Rhino: Plug-in for McNeel’s Rhino CAD modeling software that enables users to natively view and edit point clouds in Rhino.
  • Point Clouds for SolidWorks: Plug-in for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design software from Dassault Systems, which enables SolidWorks users to natively view and edit point clouds.

Reason #3: You Can Do Reverse Engineering With Massive Point Cloud Data Inside Rhino or SOLIDWORKS

Reverse engineering with enormous point cloud data can be a challenge. However, with Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino or SOLIDWORKS, they have specific tools like Clash Detection and Slicing that make this process much easier.  With no lags and workarounds when working with large point cloud data, you can work ever so seamlessly and fast!

1) Clash Detection

With Clash Detection, you can take a native Rhino or SOLIDWORKS entity and see exactly where areas of interest are clashing with point cloud data and be able to fix it. This is especially useful for designs that complement with point cloud data and you want to ensure a good fit.


2) Slicing Tool

With the powerful Slicing Tool, you can slice point clouds into sections and extract geometric features such as 2D lines, arcs and circles for sketching profiles. Check out these videos to see the different slicing options that are available for both Rhino and SOLIDWORKS.

Reason #4: Proven Its Use In Various Industries and Applications

There are so many innovative applications being used with Veesus point cloud software. They're ideal for reverse engineering, historical recreation, forensics for crime scene investigation, GIS, animation, or virtual reality, just to name a few! 

Here are some highlighted client examples. You can read more case studies on Veesus official website.

1) Courts Engineering: Delivering intricate projects with Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino

Point cloud of the space in BPL’s plant where Courts Engineering custom-built a platform to take a 37-ton machine. The machine and the platform were lowered through the roof to fit precisely among the pipe network.

2) European Active Projects Ltd: Overcoming the disconnect between 3D scanning and CAD with Point Clouds for SOLIDWORKS

A close-up of the proposed buildings in situ alongside as-built data from the point cloud.

3) Terra Measurement: Boosts revenue with Arena4D’s stunning point cloud visualizations

An animation of the house was created using Arena4D, showing a vertical section of the structure. Fly-throughs like these are impressing Terra Measurement’s clients every day.

4) Coenradie Surveying: Creating stunning marketing content with Veesus Arena4D

Point cloud data are taken from a church in Oostelbeers, The Netherlands, as part of a project to repurpose the building. You can see incredible detail generated by Veesus Arena4D animations.

Reason #5: Supports VR Development For Content Creation

Veesus standalone desktop software, Arena4D, also supports the latest VR developments and provides stunning immersive 3D reality on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive platforms.


You can now purchase Veesus point cloud software from our Shop.

Click on each product to learn more:

As always, if you have further questions, please feel free to contact us!

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