Mesh2Surface (SOLIDWORKS Plug-in)

Product image 1Mesh2Surface (SOLIDWORKS Plug-in)
Product image 2Mesh2Surface (SOLIDWORKS Plug-in)
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Regular price $ 3,000.00

What is Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS?

Equipped with easy-to-use tools for extracting features from your 3D scan data, you can now use Mesh2Surface plug-in directly inside SOLIDWORKS for converting 3D scan meshes into CAD models. Extract geometric features with best-fit algorithms, draw sketches directly on the reference mesh, and build surfaces. The parametric behavior and real-time deviation analyzer usually only available in higher-end packages are also in Mesh2Surface. This gives you all the flexibility and control you need to create accurate CAD models.

* Software is shipped electronically. You will receive a license key for activating the software. No physical product will be shipped. Once the software has been installed with the product key this product can no longer be returned.

What can you do with Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS?

  • Easily load scan data in seconds, not minutes
  • Extract quickly reference geometries
  • Align intuitively in the right position in 3D space
  • Create reference sections for 2D sketching
  • Approximate free form surfaces with the best fit surface
  • Compare your work against the reference data instantly with a 3D color map
  • One button operation to convert free form organic shapes
  • And do all this in your favorite CAD package - SOLIDWORKS

What's Included?

  • Single commercial license of Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS
  • A FREE license of QUICKSURFACE Freeform (Standalone Scan to CAD software for reverse engineering organic parts) is included with the purchase (must be used on the same PC).
  • Users are required to have a current license of SOLIDWORKS® to use Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS. It is not a stand-alone application.

See Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS In Action

View the tutorial videos to see how easy it is to reverse engineer scan data into CAD models inside SOLIDWORKS. Check Out Demo Video →

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