Artec Cloud - 5 GB
Artec Cloud - 5 GB
Artec Cloud - 5 GB
Load image into Gallery viewer, Artec Cloud - 5 GB
Load image into Gallery viewer, Artec Cloud - 5 GB
Load image into Gallery viewer, Artec Cloud - 5 GB

Artec Cloud - 5 GB

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Artec Cloud (with 5 GB of storage capacity) - Online Collaborative Platform. Share, process, and collaborate 3D data on your browser

* This is the free version of Artec Cloud.

Artec Cloud is an online project management platform designed specifically for handling 3D scan data. It’s a better way to work and collaborate with your team and/or clients.

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What is Artec Cloud?

Artec Cloud is a collaborative online platform for sharing, viewing, communicating, and processing 3D scan data on your web browser. This real-time project management tool is simple to use and brings more flexibility to your workflow than ever before. It’s built to help you, as well as anyone you work with, work more efficiently with 3D scan data. Artec Cloud can be used independently, or in combination with Artec Studio for further processing.

You’ve always been able to bring your Artec 3D handheld scanners anywhere you are. Now, you can take your team with you, too.

Features (Now Available for All Plans)

With Artec Cloud, you can enjoy these great benefits:

  • Access: With any plan in Artec Cloud, you’ll be able to view and comment on existing projects from any browser.
  • Collaborate: You can do entire projects all in one place, making it far easier to coordinate amongst your team.
  • Process: Process 3D scans in your browser from anywhere and from any computer. Now, you’re no longer limited by older computers that doesn’t have enough processing power!

Say goodbye to clunky workflows or using different programs to work with others! With Artec Cloud, you, your colleagues, or your clients can upload, view, and discuss scans and 3D models—all in one central location. You can even process your scan data directly on the web browser, or download them onto your desktop for further viewing or processing with Artec Studio. Now you have this powerful online platform to work or travel anywhere, seamlessly while staying connected!

  • Add comments and attachments
  • Create new projects
  • Duplicate projects
  • Edit scans and models manually
  • Edit scans and models on auto mode
  • Export scans, models, and Artec Studio projects in a wide range of formats
  • Import projects directly from Artec Leo
  • Import projects from Artec Studio
  • Import scans and models
  • Organize projects within folders
  • Share scans, models, and projects
  • Utilize key features and algorithms for processing your scan data
  • View scans and models


With 3 plans to choose from, get the one that best suits your needs. All plans now have the same features and differ only by the amount of storage capacity. Team plans are also available. Contact us to learn more.

Why Choose Us?

GoMeasure3D is both a Gold Certified authorized Artec reseller and the first to be an Artec Ambassador partner in the USA.
We've been in business for 20+ years. Our team has many years of knowledge and experience using their hardware and software. We have all the Artec 3D scanners readily available at our office to provide you with a demo—in our office, at your location, or virtually in real-time on your computer. 

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  • Artec Cloud works on all major browsers and essentially runs on any operating system (Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, etc.). That means if you have a computer with a supported Internet browser, it will work. Even if you have a Mac, Artec Cloud will work!
  • Artec Leo:  Upload your projects directly to Artec Cloud without needing SD cards or cables and process the scan data without Artec Studio!
  • Artec Eva/Space Spider: Using these handheld 3D scanners, upload files to Artec Cloud from Artec Studio. Then, you and your team members can download projects from Artec Cloud onto the computer when they need to!

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For more information please visit our product page.

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