Rhino and Mesh2Surface: Low Cost Scan to CAD Bundle Package

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Mesh2Surface and Rhino Bundle: Powerful Reverse Engineering Solution for Transforming Scan to CAD

Mesh2Surface converts 3D scan data into professional CAD models in simple steps. It is straightforward to use and delivers similar performance to high-end reverse engineering software.

This is a bundle listing for the purchase of Rhino for Windows with Mesh2Surface plugin. If you already own a copy of Rhino for Windows and just need the Mesh2Surface plugin, please visit this listing.

What is the difference between Mesh2Surface Mechanical and Premium Version?

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* Software is shipped electronically. Once the software has been installed with the product key this product can no longer be returned.

What is Mesh2Surface?

Mesh2Surface is a plug-in for simplifying reverse engineering tasks inside Rhinoceros® 3D CAD modeling software. A commercial seat of Rhino including Mesh2Surface starts at $1,700 USD, making it the most affordable reverse engineering solution we carry. Even if you haven’t used Rhino before, both Rhino and Mesh2Surface are tools that are easy to learn as you go.

Why Choose Mesh2Surface?

Not everyone needs expensive standalone reverse engineering software packages with all the bells and whistles for scan-to-CAD applications. Sometimes, you just need a simple yet effective solution that gets the job done–without all the complexities.

Mesh2Surface is a practical reverse engineering solution that’s affordable to get you the results you need, faster and easier. It only cost about 10% of what you normally pay if you had to purchase a high-end reverse engineering platform (Rhino + Mesh2Surface).


Mesh2Surface has many simple but efficient tools to optimize the process of converting digitized objects from non-contact 3D scanners to perfect CAD models. With its simplified user interface and seamless integration in Rhinoceros CAD modeling software, you can:

• Align object to world coordinate system

• Extract shapes like planes, spheres, cones, torus, and freeform surfaces

• Fit constraint primitives

• Find symmetry of an object

For more information, please visit our Mesh2Surface product page.

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