WolfBite MEGA Premium Heatbed Adhesion Solution for PC & PC/ABS (2 oz)

$ 19.95

No More 3D Printed Part Warping!

Wolfbite MEGA™ is a premium adhesive solution designed to bond Polycarbonate and PC-ABS parts to the 3D print bed and to allow their smooth release when completed. 

Many users discovered the hard way that Polycarbonate material tends to resist adhering to the print bed. This can result in lifting around the edges of a print, commonly known in the industry as, "warpage."

With just a single coat of Wolfbite MEGA, users can bond multiple projects to their 3D print beds and cleanly release the objects when they are completed.


• Premium Heatbed Adhesion Solution For Polycarbonate and PC-ABS
• Prevents 3D Printed Parts From Warping
• Easy to Apply
• Helps bond Polycarbonate and PC-ABS filament to heat bed
• Low odor
• Long-lasting
• 2 oz. yields 50+ prints
• Polyurethane Foam Applicator included

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