Talon X1 3D Printed Drone Kit for Education

$ 450.00

The Drone kit is a great addition to any classroom. Your students can 3D print, build, and fly their very own 250mm-sized quadcopter. They can see their hard work in action.

The Talon X1 Drone kit comes with everything you need to 3D print and build your very own 250mm-sized quadcopter that really flies. The kit brings educators an exciting project to teach in any class which is already using a 3D printer. 3D print the parts, assemble the frame and electronics, program, and that's it! Build your very own quadcopter from start to finish by following extremely detailed build videos.


The Talon X1 Drone Kit Includes:

• STL Files for the Talon X1 airframe
• All hardware
• Motors, ESC's, Power Distribution Board, Flight Controller (all electronics needed to complete the drone)
• 2.4ghz 6 channel Radio with DSM2 Satellite Receiver
• 3s 1300mah Lithium Polymer Battery with Charger


For more information, please read the product brochure.

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