SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse

$ 299.60

Ultimate 3D Navigation for Power Users
SpacePilot Pro is the ultimate professional 3D mouse, engineered to excel in today’s most demanding 3D software environments.

Perfect for: Professionals who need as many features as it's possible to pack into a 3D mouse.

SpacePilot Pro’s patented 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor is specifically designed to manipulate digital content or camera positions. Simply push, pull, twist or tilt the 3Dconnexion controller cap to intuitively pan, zoom and rotate, while your other hand simultaneously uses the regular mouse to select, create or edit. The ultimate 3D Mouse featuring QuickView navigation technology, dual-function, Intelligent Function keys, at-a-glance access to important information via the full-color LCD Workflow Assistant, and a new ultra-comfortable design.

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Technical Specifications

• 3Dconnexion® six degrees-of-freedom
• (6Dof) sensor
• Color LCD Workflow Assistant
• Dual-Function QuickView Navigation Keys
• Navigation Settings Keys (Speed, Rotation, Pan/Zoom, Dominant)
• Dual-function Intelligent Function Keys, (access to 10 commands)
• Keyboard Modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Esc)
• 31 programmable keys in total
• Full size advanced wrist rest design
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 231mm x 150mm x 58mm / 9.1" x 5.9" x 2.3"
• Weight: 880g / 1.94lb
• 3-year Warranty

Package Contents

• SpacePilot® Pro 3D Mouse
• CD ROM: Drivers, Demos and Tools

Support Operating Systems

• Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

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