Sense 3D Scanner

$ 340.00 $ 399.00

Capture Your World in 3D

Transform the way you work with the best-in-class Sense 3D scanner. Fast, easy, portable and practical, the scanner offers full-color 3D scanning for use in your home, school and business. It's light, highly portable, and small enough to fit in your laptop bag so you can scan data wherever you are. Bring it back to the office to complete and enhance your designs.


  • Rapidly archive and preserve artifacts, products and items as color 3D data and scan objects to begin design for 3D gaming applications.
  • Market your products by using 3D scan data in online catalogs and visualizations for marketing.
  • Incorporate Sense scans to enable rapid product designs for custom-fit sporting goods, packaging and more by using customers’ unique scan data in your design software
  • Easily create, design and 3D print jigs and fixtures using scan data to assist with production and machining processes. Enhance the value of 3D assembly manuals by including rapid and accurate 3D scan data from the shop floor.
  • Post 3D scans to share with your peers or customers directly from the Sense software at SketchFab and Facebook.
  • Make your home hobbies more satisfying by including 3D scanning for your woodwork projects, and more. Miniaturize objects that you scan at full size for your custom RC cars and planes ready for 3D printing. Scan your family at memorable moments to be 3D printed in color.


  • Delivers best-in-class accuracy of close to 1 mm with resolution at 1 mm
  • Scan range of between 7 and 72 inches to allow for rapid 3D scanning of a wide range of objects
  • Unprecedented color resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for perfect color texture mapping
  • Includes software to rapidly edit your 3D scan data and solidify for immediate 3D printing


  • Please view the brochure for full details on technical specifications: Download Brochure

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