Metron3D Calibration Boards

Product image 1Metron3D Calibration Boards
Product image 2Metron3D Calibration Boards
Product image 3Metron3D Calibration Boards

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3D Scanner Calibration boards

Enhance your HDI 3D scanner’s performance to get the best results

Small Calibration Board

Calibrate the HDI Advance for scanning small parts such as a dental mold.

  • Physical Dimension: 4″ x 3.25″
  • Two-sided: 3mm square / 5mm square
Standard Calibration Board

Calibrate the HDI Advance for scanning medium sized partssuch as a shoe.

  • Physical Dimension: 11″ x 8″
  • Two-sided: 10mm square / 15mm square
Large Calibration Board

Calibrate the HDI Advance to scan large sized parts such as a statue and large mechanical part.

  • Physical Dimension: 10.75″ x 14.75″
  • Two-sided: 20mm square / 25mm square
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