Flamingo nXt (Rhino Plug-in) for Schools

$ 495.00 $ 675.00

Flamingo nXt for Schools are offered in various packages for academic use in labs or in classrooms. These packages are provided at special pricing for educational purposes. Lab seats are academic licenses for lab and classroom use. Student seats are also available for students for doing homework or projects.

Upgrade your existing school licenses to the current version of Flamingo nXt when the upgrade option is selected for purchase. 

Flamingo nXt is a plug-in for Rhino software. It uses raytracing and radiosity rendering to create single-frame images and animations.


Create photometrically accurate images with reflections, refraction, diffusion, translucency, transparency, color bleeding, shadows, depth of field, depth attenuation, ClearFinish™, and indirect lighting.


Viewpoint animation for walk-throughs and fly-bys, and sunlight animation for shadow studies.

If you require any assistance for classroom purchases, please contact us.

Educational purchasers must provide proof of current school affiliation.  This can include student ID, current class schedule, school email address, etc.

* Software is shipped electronically.  Once the software has been installed with the product Key this product can no longer be returned.

GoMeasure3D is an authorized distributor of Rhino products in USA and Canada. Purchase for these products are available for these regions only.

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