Airwolf 3D Axiom Engineering Start-up Bundle

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Retail value (if purchased separately): $339.39

This package is for the Airwolf Axiom 3D printers.

The key to successful 3D prints is using high quality materials. The Airwolf 3D line of Platinum Series filaments sets the standard for quality and each spool is meticulously inspected for quality and consistency. 

The bundle includes materials frequently found in engineering applications including: high temperature 910 Alloy and Bridge Nylon, high temperature Polycarbonate, and low temperature TPU. It also includes a Flex-Resistant Glass plate designed for higher temperature materials.

What's included:

• One 2 lb Spool of Polycarbonate
• One 1 lb Spool of 910 Alloy
• One 1 lb Spool of Bridge Nylon
• One 2 lb Spool of TPU
• One Flex-Resistant Glass
• One 2 oz Wolfbite MEGA
• One 2 oz Wolfbite NITRO

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