Aesub Green Self-Vanishing 3D Scanning Spray

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Long-Lasting 3D Scanning Spray For Scanning Challenging Surfaces (Large Scale Applications)

* Currently available for shipping to the US only.


AESUB green was developed for large-scale and automated scanning. The vanishing 3D scanning spray has a layer thickness of ~4 microns (μm) and evaporates within approximately 6 hours. Spray. Scan. Done.

Now there's an answer to 3D scanning challenging surfaces including dark, reflective, transparent, or highly textured surfaces. What's special about this spray is that there's no need to clean or wipe off the spray after your scanning is completed.

This new self-vanishing spray has been developed by scanning experts that disappears without a trace. This is especially useful for parts that are delicate or cannot be cleaned.


1 Can AESUB Green: 1L or 5L

    Shipping (US Region Only)

    * Currently available for shipping to the US only.

    Video Demonstrations


    • Perfect for spray gun
    • Ideal for large scale and automated 3D scanning applications
    • No mess: Disappears without a trace, leaving nothing but perfect scans behind
    • Won't damage parts: Uses a special, evaporating formula that requires no cleaning, won't stain your surfaces, or affect your product
    • Residue-free sublimation: Disappearing state of the art scanning spray
    • Long-lasting: Disappears up to 6 hours
    • No cleaning required
    • Thin and homogeneous coating
    • Free of pigments
    • Developed and approved by scanning experts
    • Made in Germany


    More Information

    For more information on AESUB Green, please visit our product page.

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