3dRudder Foot Controller (CAD Edition)

$ 279.00

The 3dRudder is the first ever foot controller for PC games, VR, and CAD 3D software. Winner of 3 CES “Innovation Awards”.


The CAD Edition Pack includes a 3dRudder foot-operated motion controller, the plugin for Rhino3D CAD software, and free unlimited updates with new plugins for compatibility with more software.


Do you play your favorite VR or PC game with a keyboard, a mouse, a gamepad, a HOTAS, or a joystick? Sit down, step up, and control your games with easy and effortless movements: push with your toes or heels to move forward or backward, tilt to the left or right to move sideways, rotate to turn around, and apply an opposite pressure with your toes & heels to go up or down. A small or full movement will allow you adjust to your speed. All movements can be combined together.

You can also use the 3dRudder to control the altitude of a plane or a starcraft. Tilting the device upward will bring the nose of your vessel up.


Move with your feet. Design with your hands.

3dRudder allows you to work more productively by creating a natural and direct relationship between you and your work environment.

As design professionals, we know the unique challenges posed by working/moving in 3D aren’t being solved by the navigation solutions out there today. Whether it’s the distraction of toggling between moving within the 3D design and creating it, or the difficulty of working with a 3D mouse, designers’ hands are overwhelmed. By relying on feet to navigate around and within digital models, 3dRudder makes your workflow much smoother and productive: Free of the responsibility to move, your hands are able to shape, scale, and design with much more focus.  Simple enough for anyone to use, 3dRudder lets clients, visualize, explore and move around your work in VR, so on presentation day, they can finally experience it for the immersive work that it is.


Visualization, Simulation, Real Estate, Tourism & Retail. A whole new way to experience

Whether it’s imagining themselves in new threads, toying with the idea of second home, or dreaming of a winter vacation, nothing gets customers to feel confident about a purchase like the ability to test it out. While there are VR solutions out there that allow just that, moving around in them isn’t natural or easy and can bog the experience down. 3dRudder takes seconds to learn, so customers’ can have an immersive and appealing trial experience.



  • Agile: axes to move around your objects
  • Ergonomic: rest your feet on the platform and navigate with effortless movements
  • Intuitive: less than a minute to master and enjoy the full benefits
  • Combinable: associate the 3dRudder with any CAD mouse or graphic pen and optimize the way you design


  • 1 x 3dRudder Foot Controller
  • 1 x CAD plugin
  • 1 x unlimited updates including new plugins for more CAD software

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