Xtract3D Add-in for SOLIDWORKS

Product image 1Xtract3D Add-in for SOLIDWORKS
Product image 2Xtract3D Add-in for SOLIDWORKS
Product image 3Xtract3D Add-in for SOLIDWORKS
Product image 4Xtract3D Add-in for SOLIDWORKS
Product image 5Xtract3D Add-in for SOLIDWORKS

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We all know building parametric CAD models can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be this way. XTract3D is a toolbar works natively inside SOLIDWORKS, giving users powerful slicing, fitting, and analysis tools to use 3D scan data to create editable solids and surfaces for feature-based modeling. XTract3D makes scan-to-CAD simple and straightforward.

License Options

1) XTract3D Single User License
• Lifetime license for use over the long run.
• Single user on one computer.

2) XTract3D 30 Day Rental
• Use it when you need it!
• Great for short-term use or one-off projects.

A different approach to reverse engineering

XTract3D’s approach focuses on a robust method of using scan data as a visual reference for sketching CAD models by giving you a basic toolset to solve a wide range of applications—from basic to complex parts, and even prismatic to organic surfaces. There are no complicated tools that are difficult to use or automated features that only work on limited projects. It’s not fancy. But it’s simple and it works.

Work in a familiar environment

XTract3D complements SOLIDWORKS, one of the most popular CAD modeling software used by 3.2 million users worldwide, to help designers and engineers shorten their product design cycle. When all the tools for CAD modeling are in one place, it makes work more productive.

Leverage your skills

Creating a CAD model with XTract3D mirrors how a new CAD part is naturally designed from scratch. It builds on the user’s existing knowledge without having to learn completely new tools and methodologies. XTract3D works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS to enhance its sketching tools.

Handles demanding projects efficiently

XTract3D was built specifically to handle a wide range of reverse engineering and design applications, from simple 2D sketches to complex 3D surfaces. XTract3D’s tools are designed to build solid features quickly, even 3D meshes containing tens of millions of polygons.

Flexibility in how you choose to work with the scan data

With support for both part and assembly mode, there is freedom to integrate mesh data into the design process in different ways. Choose to reverse engineer the entire scanned part or only use scan data as a reference for building new parts.

For more information on XTract3D, please visit our website.

Computer Specifications:

Recommended Requirements:

  • Windows 10 64bit
  • 12 GB of RAM

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 7 64bit
  • 4GB of RAM

XTract3D can import the following polygonal mesh files from 3D scanners: ply, obj, stl

* SOLIDWORKS CAD modeling software is sold separately. The purchase price include XTract3D add-in only.

* Software is shipped electronically. Once the software has been installed with the product Key this product can no longer be returned.

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