Penguin 2.0 (Rhino Plug-in)

Product image 1Penguin 2.0 (Rhino Plug-in)
Product image 2Penguin 2.0 (Rhino Plug-in)
Product image 3Penguin 2.0 (Rhino Plug-in)
Product image 4Penguin 2.0 (Rhino Plug-in)
Product image 5Penguin 2.0 (Rhino Plug-in)

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License Types:

Commercial: Single-user licenses

Students & Faculty: Single-User Licenses offered at special pricing for academic use (Must provide proof of educational status)

Schools: Lab Packs for lab and classroom use. Special pricing for academic use (Must provide proof of educational status)

** To order, select what license type you would like and if you would like a full seat or upgrade.


Penguin is a plug-in for Rhino software. It uses non-photorealistic rendering to create stylized images of your models with an artistic look.

Sketch rendering mode

Simulates hand drafting. It allows you to create images in styles that look like drawings using pencil, ink, chalk, pen marker, watercolor.

Cartoon rendering mode

Objects rendered with a limited number of shades and edges that look like illustration images.

Upgrade to the Latest Version of Penguin 2.0

Upgrade your existing Penguin commercial single-user license to the latest version when the upgrade option is selected for purchase. Upon purchase, GoMeasure3D will guide you through the process of upgrading your existing version to the latest version.

* Software is shipped electronically.  Once the software has been installed with the product Key this product can no longer be returned.

* GoMeasure3D is an authorized distributor of Rhino products in USA and Canada. Purchase for these productsare available for these regions only.



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