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Regular price $ 5,990.00

Update on Metron E (July 15, 2020)

Thanks for your interest in the Metron E desktop 3D scanner. At this time, this 3D scanner is sold out and will no longer be in production. If you are looking for an alternative affordable professional 3D scanner, please check out the HDI Compact S1 3D Scanner

Metron E is a practical desktop 3D scanner that is effective at getting the job done. It’s easy, efficient, and economical.

Easy: It delivers quality 3D scans quickly to make you more productive. The 3D scanner was designed to make 3D scanning an intuitive process. The scanner is easy to operate, even for novices. The system is already pre-calibrated for accuracy the moment you get the scanner. Simply plug in the system and install the included FlexScan3D scanning software on your computer. That is all it takes to get you started on 3D scanning.

See how easy it is by watching this video:

Efficient: 3D scanning is typically the first part of the project for data collection before you move on to your applications including reverse engineering or inspection. The Metron E 3D scanner is effective at capturing high quality 3D scans in about 1 second per scan. Finish your projects faster by spending less time scanning to move on to other aspects of your project.

Economical: This solution is a great investment if you have a modest budget but still need professional 3D scanning results you can’t get with a consumer-based 3D scanning system.

With two models to choose from (E and E-HD), see how truly affordable Metron E 3D Scanner is for the quality. Metron E is the standard model and the Metron E-HD is the high definition version.


Download Brochure for full details on technical specifications:

You can see more details on the product page: Metron E web page     

If you have further questions about Metron E scanner, please contact us

Special pricing is available for schools and nonprofits.  

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