Airwolf AXIOM DUAL Direct Drive 3D Printer

$ 4,995.00

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Axiom Dual 3D printer uses two extruders to print physical 3D models in two colors or materials. With 40 micron minimum layer height, and an X, Y resolution of 20 microns, the printer is extremely accurate. It operates at fast printing speeds of up to 250 mm per second, and travel speeds as high as 400 mm per second.

Compared to other 3D printers out on the market, AXIOM has the best build-to-size ratio in the world of enclosed printers. With a build volume ranging of 912 in³, it is ideal for making large 3D prints for rapid prototyping and manufacturing functional products.

Each printer is solidly constructed in the USA with one year parts and labor warranty.


  • CoreXY Motion System
  • Active Automatic Bed Leveling System
  • Easy Feed Filament System
  • High Strength Extruded Aluminum and Injection Molded Polycarbonate Enclosure
  • Fully Enclosed Print Theater
  • .50 orifice nozzle (.35 orifice nozzle is optional for purchase)
  • One Double Sided Flex-Resistant Glass
  • One 2oz of Wolfbite Premium Adhesive Solution
  • Two 2 pound spool of ABS filament (3 mm)
  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • 6 months technical support


Axiom Dual product brochure
• Comparison Chart: Which Axiom model is right for you?
• Why choose Axiom 3D printer?

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