Airwolf 3D ERC Upgrades

Product image 1Airwolf 3D ERC Upgrades
Product image 2Airwolf 3D ERC Upgrades
Product image 3Airwolf 3D ERC Upgrades
Product image 4Airwolf 3D ERC Upgrades

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AXIOM 20 ERC Upgrades

ERC's (End-User Replacement Cassettes) make it easy to upgrade an AXIOM 20 single-head machine to a dual-head or swap your classic dual configuration for a more simple single-head system. High-volume users with mission-critical applications frequently opt to keep an extra ERC as backup to ensure minimal downtime in the event that it requires replacement.

Available as a Single-Head ERC Upgrade or a Dual-Head ERC Upgrade.

AXIOM Dual Direct Drive Upgrade

Get the best of both worlds and transform your classic AXIOM printer into an AXIOM Dual Direct Drive 3D printer. AXIOM Direct Drive features a direct drive extrusion system that delivers beautiful, clean prints and a greater ability to print in flexible materials.

AXIOM Direct Drive Upgrade

Get even higher performance out of your AXIOM 3D printer. The direct drive extrusion system is capable of providing more intricately detailed prints, a greater ability to print with flexible materials, and a more generous margin for error.

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